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SFBAPPA Mentor Program is currently not active because SFBAPPA does not have a SFBAPPA Mentor Chair. Please let us know if you are interested in the position by posting on the SFBAPPA Facebook page

The Bay Area is filled with many of the best photojournalists in the country and the SFBAPPA Mentor Program offers young photojournalists the opportunity to learn from them. This is tough business to survive in and today's students need more than the classroom to prepare them for the competitive world of photojournalism.

The future of photojournalism will be in the hands of today's students. Mentoring them gives you the chance to pass down the ethics and ideals that we struggle to uphold in our newsrooms. It is not only rewarding for the students but for the professional as well. Through the exchange of ideas you will be both be inspired and motivated.

Mentee Application PDF:

Mentees guidelines:

SFBAPPA will contact you as soon as possible when we have found a mentor for you. Please be patient.

Once you have been matched up, contact your mentor by email or phone. Find out when is the best time to contact them and how. Do they prefer to be contacted by phone or by email? Email them a brief description of yourself – what level you are, what you hope to accomplish, what areas you need the most advice in, etc.

Get a dialog going. Ask them about how to put a portfolio together, how to get an internship. If you have a project or portfolio that needs editing ask for their help. Ask if it would be possible to shadow them for a day.

If possible, set up a time to show them your work for a critique. If they are too busy to meet in person then offer to send them your work by mail. Make sure to clarify how they would like to see your work presented (i.e. CD, prints, slides, DVD, video tape.)

Mentors are very busy so we recommend that you initiate contact with them. Mentors are here to help you but you must ask for it. How you treat the relationship will dictate what you will get out of it. Always remember to thank them for their time.

When you no longer need your mentor's help let them know and schedule a closing discussion. Don't leave your mentor wondering what happened to you.

Even when you stop meeting your mentor on a regular basis we advise you to keep in touch throughout your career from time to time. This is a small business; you are bound to run into each other again.

Mentors Application PDF:

Note: Mentors do NOT need to be a member of SFBAPPA to apply.

Mentor Guidelines:

We recommend that you stay in contact with your mentee once a month at least by phone or email. Try to meet them in person when possible. We strongly encourage that you arrange to let your mentee shadow you for a day at least once.

We recommend that mentees initiate most of the contact so let them know when and how is the best way to get a hold of you. Tell them how often you expect to hear from them, but also try to check in with them from time to time.

Please offer honest, insightful, constructive criticism to help them grow.

If unforeseen events make it unable for you to devote time to the mentor program please let us know as soon as possible.

All Participants:

Please update us on how your mentorship is going. We would like to know how this experience has helped you and if you have any suggestions to make it better.

If you have any concerns or problems with your mentorship please let us know as soon as possible.

SFBAPPA does not claim responsibility of the meeting between mentor and mentee.

Please send this application to:

SFBAPPA Mentor Chair