We are currently not accepting membership requests while SFBAPPA reboots. We will update the information ASAP.

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Why should I join SFBAPPA?

Joining the San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association is a chance for you to connect with others in the profession; through our yearly seminars and social events, our monthly and yearly photo competitions, and to receive our newsletter which is full of contest winning photos and industry news. Our association was founded in 1959, and aims to bring together professional and student press photographers with similar interests in career enrichment, education and social interaction.

We have four categories of membership one can join:

STUDENTS | $20/year | Currently enrolled student.

ASSOCIATE | $30/year | You must be a public relations person or reporter affiliated with the news business, or a teaching professional in the video or still photography arena.

PROFESSIONAL | $40/year | A working professional as described below and within the San Francisco Bay Area. Professional members can enter competitions for still photography and the annual competition, which has valuable prizes, and video shooters can enter our annual competition with prizes.

LIFE MEMBER | $0.01/year | A retired member of the industry.

All members receive the newsletter about members and press photography in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Special events for members include annual educational seminars featuring the latest cameras and lighting gear, techniques, and job acquiring skills. Annual Social events include our Awards Dinner.