Monthly Contests

SFBAPPA does not currently have a monthly clip contest while we reboot.

*Members who are signed in can enter our contests.


1. Contest is open to any paid member of SFBAPPA. Student and Associate members are also eligible. Entries will be automatically disqualified for non-membership. Membership application:

2. There is no entry fee.

3. Entries are due by the 15th of the Month after the pictures were taken. (I.E. Feb Clips are due on March 15th.)

4 Any published or unpublished image will be accepted. See categories below. Pictures may be entered only once, either during the month they were taken or the month they were first published. The only exception to this rule is that pictures included in a picture story may also be entered as single photos as well. Single pictures that are also part of a picture story must be entered in the same month as the picture story that they are a part of. All single picture category entries (i.e., spot news, features, etc) can only include one image.

5. A member may enter up to 12 clips per month. Picture Stories count as one entry and may include a maximum of 12 individual pictures.

6. Entries will be disqualified if name of photographer or affiliation is visible in submitted image.

7. Submit RGB photo files at 72 dpi with a width no greater than 15 inches wide (for horizontal images) or a height no taller than 10 inches tall (for vertical and square photos). The JPEG should be saved at "Maximum."

8. You can use any file name, but you must have the .jpg at the end of the file name.

9. In Adobe Photoshop File Info or Photo Mechanic IPTC caption information or Stationary Pad, include: caption (inside Caption or Description field), your name (inside Photographer or Byline or Author or Creator field), affiliation or school (inside Credit field) and E-mail address (inside Special Instructions field). Do not use any other caption plug-ins.

10. Entries can only be entered via FTP

A. After you have edited and captioned your photos, create a folder with your name, ie. "Conner Jay January Clips"

B. Then inside that folder create separate folders for each of the categories that you are entering, ie. "Feature"

C. Each separate "Picture Story" must have a separate folder, ie. "News Picture Story 1"

D. Then place your photos in the appropriate category folder(s).

E. Then make a .zip of the folder that has your name, ie. "Joe Bappa January Clips".

To make a .zip file for Mac: right click the specific folder and select "Compression".

To make a .zip file for PC: right click folder, select "Send To" and select "Compressed (zipped) Folder".

F. Make sure your .zip file is no larger that 20 Megabytes. The server can handle up to 45 megabyte files, but please try to keep file sizes to a minimum.

G. Log into . User name and password has been emailed to SFBAPPA members.

H. Hit the "Choose File" button under "Upload Files" on this page.

I. Find the zip file on your hard drive and select it.

J. Finally hit the "Upload" button and a few minutes later you should see the .zip file listed under the "Files" section of the page.

K. If you do not see your .zip file (ie. "Joe Bappa October") on "Files" section of page, contact SFBAPPA Contest Director:

10. SFBAPPA reserves the right to disqualify any entry that is unreadable, found to contain a virus or other suspicious files that DO NOT follow the rules of photojournalism ethics.

12. The decision of the judges are final.

13. The contest will be judged by a newspaper photo staff out of our area. The point systems as follows:

First place: 15 points

Second place: 10 points

Third place: 5 points.

At the end of the year the points will be tallied and the top three photographers will be awarded.

First Place: $250 & plaque

Second Place: $100 & plaque

Third Place: $50 & plaque


Spot News - One photo of an incident or event for which no advance planning was possible.

General News - One photo of an event for which advance planning was possible.

Sports - One photo of sports action or sports feature.

Portrait / Illustration - One photo that is under the control of the photographer or clearly communicates the personality of the subject.

Feature - Events and subjects (other than Spot News, General News, Sports or Portrait/Illustration) depicted in one photo.

Picture Story - A maximum of 12 pictures of a subject or event. Can include photo essays, sequences or series.

Humor - One picture that portrays the lighter side of life.


Conner Jay

SFBAPPA Monthly Digital Clip Contest Director


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