1. This association shall be known as the San Francisco Bay Area Press Photographers Association.

2. The object of this Association shall be to promote and protect the interests and welfare of press photographers.


1. The active membership shall consist of press photographers whose primary employment is with recognized news organizations.

2. Application for active or associate membership shall be in writing, endorsed by two members in good standing and shall be accompanied by initiation fee and prorata dues for the year.

3. The application shall be submitted to the Executive Committee, which shall make a recommendation at the next general membership meeting. Applicants recommended for membership by the Executive Committee shall have all rights and duties of their membership classification pending acceptance by the general membership. Dissenting votes by three active members shall be sufficient to reject an applicant.

4. Associate membership shall consist of members no longer eligible under Article II, Section 1, and members of the trade acceptable to the general membership under Article II, Section 3 and 4. Active members become associate members one year after their active eligibility ends.

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a. Associate members may not hold elective office.

b. Associate members may not have a vote.

c. Associate members may serve on committees.

d. Associate members will be subject to dues and assessments applicable to to the active membership.

e. Associate members will not be issued any working press credentials under the the control of the Association.

5. Honorary membership shall be open to anyone recommended by the Executive Comittee. Life membership shall be open to any former active or associate member recommended by the Executive Committee.

a. Honorary and life members will not be subject to dues.

b. Honorary and life members may not have a vote.

c. Honorary and life members may not hold elective offices.

d. Honorary and life members will not be issued any working press credentials under control of the Association.

6. Upon recommendation of the Executive Committee and subject to a vote of the general membership, an officer who no longer qualifies as an active member under Article II, Section 1, may continue in active membership for the full term of office and for any subsequent consecutive terms if re-elected.

7. All active and associate members will pay dues, payable on January 1. If dues are not paid by March 31, a members is no longer in good standing. He also surrenders all other priviledges of membership.

8. There are no guaranteed welfare benefits to any member or members.


1. The officers of the Association shall be: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

2. The Executive Committee shall consist of the above named officers.

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1. Officers shall be nominated from the floor or in writing in the fall general membership meeting by any member in good standing.

2. Elections shall be conducted every two years beginning in fall 1976 by the Elections Committee and shall be by secret mail ballot.

3. Results shall be reported by the next general membership meeting. New officers elected will take office on January 1 immediately after election.


1. President. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Association and to preserve order therein and see that all officers perform their respective duties; to state all questions proposed for consideration and, whereever a call for decision ocurs to cast the deciding vote; to refrain from making or seconding any motion or taking part in any debate while in the chair; to appoint all committees not otherwise ordered.

2. Vice-Presidents. During the absence of the President, the duties of that office shall pass to the First Vice-President. If the First Vice-President is then absent, these duties shall pass to the Second Vice-President.

3. Secretary. The Secretary shall keep roll of membership, shall make a true record of the minutes, write and preserve all communications for the Association and notify members of meetings.

4. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall: collect and carefully record all dues, assessments and other income; pay all incurred bill on authorization of the Executive Committee; make a financial report at each regular meeting.

5. The signature of the Treasurer and one other officer shall be required for all disbursements.

6. The Executive Committee shall act upon all matters referred to it and its decision shall be binding unless reversed by a majority vote of the membership. It shall have general supervision of all property belonging to the Association.

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1. Regular meetings shall be held quarterly, with at least ten days notice given the membership.

2. Special meetings may be called by the President or at the request of three members in good standing. Such a request must be made to the Executive Committee in writing and stating the object for which the meeting is called. No business shall be transacted at the special meeting but that for which it was called. Notification of a special meeting shall be sent to members at least 48 hour previous to said meeting.

3. Twenty members in good standing, including at least two members of the Executive Committee, constitute a quorum for transaction.

4. Robers Rules of Order shall be enforced at all meetings.


1. The name and emblem of the Association shall be copyrighted.

2. All badges, emblems and credentials remain the property of the Association and shall be surrendered at termination of active membership or on request of the Executive Committee.


1. Alterations or amendments of this constitution or by-laws shall be made only by a two-thirds vote of the membership.


A California non-profit corporation #374821, incorporated under California corporations code, May 8, 1959